Pixel art weapon skin for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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CS:GO | P250 | Melody

Guns are not usually my thing. But I think there’s a powerful artistic metaphor in neutering a killing machine with cutesy retro graphics.
or something. It’s late leave me alone

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This skin received a small update today. If any of you know counter-strike I’d love some feedback.

Nuclear Throne's YUNG VENUZ


Psy-Ops: Battle Espionage
A game of ratting out your friends from NPCs

All characters are identical, and everyone starts in a random position, it’s your job to take out the other humans or deliver  top-secret ‘floppy disks’ into recording machines.

Local Multiplayer Only.
Controls explained in game.
Arrows and Enter to select an amount of players.


Play on Newgrounds! (my first NG game, I’m very proud)

Tigsource Topic

Street Pixelism #2

Pasting up macklemore lyrics using the magic of perspective, only to have them instantly torn up by the hoodied group in the lower left.

Nuclear Throne's YUNG VENUZ

Update on street pixelism #1

just in case

This new isometric obsession is giving me Habbo nightmares.


Saturday interstellar panic and tamagotchi simulator.

(This game is a total joke, if that wasn’t clear)

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